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Orangethorpe Christian Church

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November 2019

Pastor Ponderings....

(as the seasons change and the holidays approach).

As I write this column, to my immediate right is a ‘three months at a glance’ calendar. I look at that calendar and shake my head and say to myself “this year is going by far too fast.” (Can I get an amen to that?)

Both personally and church wise, I am not ready for the Christmas/Advent Season (yes, which is only 5 weeks away), let alone Thanksgiving or Halloween. I am all for turning back the calendar a few weeks and giving August and September another chance.

But ‘time waits for no man’ goes the saying, and that cannot happen…so here I find myself asking you this important question as I begin preparing a series of sermons on the theme of thankfulness. Just what is it that you are thankful for? I want to hear your answers, so I can weave them into the upcoming sermons.

So take some time and write them down (please, don’t depend on my memory for things you personally tell me). Hand them to me on a piece of paper, send me a text message at 909 921-6560, or e-mail me at

Whatever way you choose…please give this some thought and do it now. I appreciate all the help you will be giving me in writing my upcoming sermons

With a Spirit to Serve, Pastor Steve