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Orangethorpe Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

Steven Lacey Pastor

"The Small Church with the Big Heart, Everyone Welcome"

2200 W. Orangethorpe Ave.

Fullerton CA 92833

(714) 871-3400

December 2018

~~~~~ From Pastor Lacey ~~~~~

Pastoral Ponderings from Pastor Steve

Christmas…the Christmas season…means so many things, to so many people. There is Santa of course, and Jesus the Christ child. There are household decorations inside and out, some of them new, some them treasured family heirlooms. Christmas letters are being written and cards are being sent. Family gatherings are being planned and meal choices made. Let’s be sure we don’t forget any of our traditional favorites; who will make Grandma’s cheese potatoes and we hope Aunt Susan makes her special sweet potatoes once again.

And there is the gift buying. Sometimes a single, simple gift, other times our lives resemble a scene from Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch. In that movie, the people of Whoville are lined up ten people deep, throwing money at the helpless workers behind the register. So many gifts to be purchased, wrapped and then to wonder how many will be returned the day after.

Now I will admit, that I love to give, and to receive gifts. But I also am very much enamored with the lesson taught to us by a child, in the classic holiday song, the Little Drummer Boy. This boy was concerned because he did not have a gift “good enough for a king.” He knew everyone else was trying to bring “our finest gifts” but what could a poor boy like himself give to the ‘newborn king’? Then it came to him….a gift that only he could give, a gift that would come from his heart. Music was a passion for him, and he was rarely without his drum. Playing upon it was what he loved to do. So he played for the Christ child…shared his music with him. And what a beautiful it was.

As we ponder what to get each and every person on our list, perhaps we should listen carefully to the lesson taught by the little drummer boy.

With A Spirit To Serve
Pastor Steve